Mean Well RT65B

Changes in construction of famous Mean Well RT65B PSU

RT65B power supply from MeanWell is one of hot items at ModularSytnhLab webshop. It is super popular among modular synthesizers users all over the world becouse it is powerful and it is cheap. Sure it is not perfect – it is not designed to be used in audio equipment so compering it with other specialized power supplies that cost houndreds of euro has no sense.
But RT65B is for sure leading in category of “what you get for less than €35!”
Low price of RT65B power supply has allowed many users to start the adventure with eurorack.

Few days ago we have been contacting MeanWell with some topics about RT65B and we got interesting information from technical service department, we think it is  worth to share with others:
“…starts from this year July we upgrade RT-65 to remove minimum load requirment”

For us as eurorack users this mean one stress less during case build – good job MeanWell!


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