Eurorack Blank Panels

We are proud to present new Eurorack Blank Panels in our store!

Unlike other boring single color panels, we wanted our euorack blank panels to stand out from the crowd – for that reason we have decided to cover them with a beautiful pattern inspired by electronic paths. You can place any size blank panels side by side in any configuration and the printed graphic design will always create one continuous pattern. If you prefer not printed white or black surface, just flip over the panels.

Our panels are made out of fiberglass material – therefore they are really lightweight. Fiberglass material is also very easy to drill therefore our eurorack blank panels are perfect for DIY projects. The printed pattern of electronic paths will fit nicely with any DIY eurorack modules projects. Simple idea to reuse blank panels might be to drill some holes, add some 3.5mm jacks and make own, usefull multiple module!


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