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Delay/Echo effect, DIY kit – eurorack ready

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Easy to build echo/delay circuit with a PT2399 digital delay IC.

The PT2399 is a single chip echo processor IC utilizing CMOS technology which accept analog audio input signal, a high sample rate ADC transfer the analog signal into a bit stream then storage to internal RAM memory, after processing the bit stream is de-modulated by DAC and low pass filter. With standard kit configuration maximal delay time is +/- 700ms.

Kit is easy to assemble and integrate into your existing musical instrument. It can be also configured as eurorack module – supports 16 pin, doepfer style, eurorack power cable.


Playing with delay effect is simple and intuitive:

  • Time Control potentiometer increase delay time of sound.
  • Repeats Control potentiometer gives you control over amount of repeats/echo effect.
  • Feadback Fader potentiometer decrease self feedback pattern of sound. Minimum setting gives none fade out
    feedback sound and maximum setting will give you clean delay sound without any fedback background pattern.
  • Infinity Feedback switch – turning this switch ON will change your delay into self feeding and oscillating ambient
    drone monster.
  • Sound Crusher – turning this switch ON will add flat digital effect to your output signal. With this effect your sound
    will get more „mechanical” shape.


Professional High Grade circuit board
High Quality box type capacitors
Socket for the IC
Heavy Duty voltage regulator
On board power indicator LED
PCB size 78×40 mm


Assembly instruction: Download Assembly Instruction



Below you can watch some videos showing this and previous generation of rfProjex Delay/Echo effect in action:

  • rfProjex delay/echo kit build by Vit Kavan




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