4U Eurorack Rails Set, STANDARD SIZE, 84-196HP, Black

62.40167.52 (excl. VAT)

With this complete eurorack rail set in black color, you can easily build eurorack case in 4U size. 1U section of this frame is sized for holding standard (Pulp Logic) tile modules.
Simple assembly thanks to pre-threaded rails and countersunk holes.


Black aluminum eurorack complete rail set for building your own eurorack case in 4U (3U+1U) size.


  • 1U section of this eurorack frame is made for standard (Pulp Logic) size 1U tile modules. Frame for Intellijel 1U module sizes is available here: 1U Intellijel Size Frame


  • 4 x eurorack rail with lip
  • 2 x black aluminum side plates to connect the rails together
  • 8 x M5 bolts to fasten the rails to the side plates
  • 6 x woodscrew 3mm to fasten the rail set to your case
  • 4 x threaded inserts or set of sliding nuts


  • 84 HP – 433mm
  • 104 HP – 535mm
  • 114 HP – 585mm
  • 126 HP – 646mm
  • 168 HP – 860mm
  • 196 HP – 1002mm

How many slide nuts will I get with the rail set? 
We recommend to use one slide nut per every 4HP per rail:
84 HP = 42 slide nuts
104 HP = 52 slide nuts
114 HP = 57 slide nuts
126 HP = 63 slide nuts
168 HP = 84 slide nuts
196 HP = 98 slide nuts


84HP, 104HP, 114HP, 126HP, 168HP, 196HP

Module Fixings

No Modules Fixings, M3 Sliding Nuts, M3 Threaded Inserts


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