Clip On Contact Microphone, Piezo Transducer, mono jack 3,5mm (1/4in) & 6.35mm (1/8in)

8.26 (excl. VAT)

Sensitive piezo contact mic mounted on a clip. This small microphone will allow you to hear everyday objects in new and interesting ways. Contact microphones are able to pick up unusual sounds, a vibration of materials and surfaces – things that we can’t hear with our own ears.


Sensitive piezo contact mic mounted on a clip. These small microphones allow hearing everyday objects in new interesting ways. Contact microphones can pick up the vibration of materials and surfaces.
Therefore, allowing you to listen to everyday objects in a new, interesting way.
Contact microphones, or so-called “piezo mics”, are commonly used to record acoustic instruments, such as violins, or acoustic guitars.
Clip this mic to any surface, connect to the amp, and have hours of fun with listening and recording amazing sounds.
The piezo element of every microphone is covered with a rubber coating that provides durability.
Every microphone is individually tested before shipping, so they are ready to plug in and play.

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Available Versions:

  • Cable length 120cm (47,24 inch) ended with 3,5mm (1/8 inch) mono jack
  • Cable length 90cm (35,43 inch) ended with 6,35mm (1/4 inch) mono jack

3,5mm (1/8in) mono jack, 120cm (47,24in) long cable, 6,35mm (1/4in) mono jack, 90cm (35,43inch) long cable


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