Eurorack Rails M3 Slide Nuts



Those 3mm square slide nuts fit into doepfer style eurorack rails.. For that reason they become perfect solution for your DIY Eurorack case.
Slide nuts fit perfectly our eurorack rails available here: EURORACK RAILS
Sliding nuts allow to close gaps between modules, therfore you will not lose any HP of your case size.


  • packed in sets of 50/ 100/ 150/ 200 pieces.

How many slide nuts will I get with rail set? 
We recommend to use one slide nut per every 4HP per rail.
– 84HP rails pair – 42 slide nuts (21 per rail)
– 104HP rails pair – 52 slide nuts (26per rail)
– 126HP rails pair – 64 slide nuts (32per rail)
– 168HP rails pair – 84 slide nuts (42per rail)


50pcs, 100pcs, 150pcs, 200pcs

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