GARGOYLE DELAY 2.0 – eurorack module

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Gargoyle Delay 2.0 is second incarnation of ModularSynthLab classic delay/echo effect with additional experimental sound modulation options.
With this delay you can choose between clean echo sound – perfect for drums and beats or self resonating drone for dirty and dark ambient sound patterns.


Playing with delay module is simple and intuitive:

  • Time Control – Increase delay time of sound.
  • Repeats Control – Gives you control over amount of repeats/echo effect.
  • Feadback – Control self feedback pattern of sound.
  • Infinity switch – turning this switch ON  change your delay into self feeding and oscillating ambient
    drone monster. Effect can be cross-controlled with settings of all 3 potentiometers.
  • Crush – turning this switch ON will add flat digital effect to your output signal. With this effect your sound get interesting „mechanical” shape that can be cross-controlled with settings of all 3 potentiometers.


  • Composite 2mm thick front panel
  • Combination of SMD and PTH elements technology
  • High quality PCB
  • High quality of SMD and PTH components
  • Classic heavy duty metal potentiometers
  • 16 pin Doepfer style power socket
  • Module sizes: 3U hight & 8HP width (128,5mm/33,46in x 40,3mm/1,18in)
  • Skiff friendly module depth 34mm / 1,57in
  • Eurorack power: 5V (5V rail required)
  • Module can be also powered by any 7-15 volt power supply, voltage regulator is build in on PCB for usage as build in delay/echo module for existing synthesizers.
  • 16pin / 30cm long power cable included
  • 4x M3 mounting screws included




4 reviews for GARGOYLE DELAY 2.0 – eurorack module

  1. roman

    Amazing delay effect with unique sound. Especially for the cheap price.
    The drone / noise sounds in self oscillating are also absolutely great.
    The use of wood instead of metal is very beautiful.

  2. Kevin McKeown

    Fun module, sounds good and looks great too. More important – great support and help from Robert when I discovered I didn’t have a 5v rail on my PSU.

  3. Marcus K.

    This is a fantastic delay! I really like the fact that it’s not only a delay – it’s so many other things: Oscillator, noise generator etc. I really like the analog sound of it – it reminds me a bit of the Roland Space Echos as the pitch changes with the time, and the sounds can get distorted and nasty – and that isn’t a bad thing!
    I have to comment the look of it as well – BEAUTIFUL. I really like the wood and the engraving on it.
    Nice job Robert, and thank you very much for your help!

  4. Eddie

    This is a great value delay module, with its own unique character thanks in part to the infinity and crusher switches, which can instantly flip it from a nice clean delay to psyched out gritty chaos. It also looks very nice too. : )

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