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GARGOYLE DELAY 2.0 – eurorack module

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Gargoyle Delay 2.0 is second incarnation of ModularSynthLab classic delay/echo effect with additional experimental sound modulation options.
With this delay you can choose between clean echo sound – perfect for drums and beats or self resonating drone for dirty and dark ambient sound patterns.


Playing with delay module is simple and intuitive:

  • Time Control – Increase delay time of sound.
  • Repeats Control – Gives you control over amount of repeats/echo effect.
  • Feadback – Control self feedback pattern of sound.
  • Infinity switch – turning this switch ON  change your delay into self feeding and oscillating ambient
    drone monster. Effect can be cross-controlled with settings of all 3 potentiometers.
  • Crush – turning this switch ON will add flat digital effect to your output signal. With this effect your sound get interesting „mechanical” shape that can be cross-controlled with settings of all 3 potentiometers.


  • Composite 2mm thick front panel
  • Combination of SMD and PTH elements technology
  • High quality PCB
  • High quality of SMD and PTH components
  • Classic heavy duty metal potentiometers
  • 16 pin Doepfer style power socket
  • Module sizes: 3U hight & 8HP width (128,5mm/33,46in x 40,3mm/1,18in)
  • Skiff friendly module depth 34mm / 1,57in
  • Eurorack power: 5V (5V rail required)
  • Module can be also powered by any 7-15 volt power supply, voltage regulator is build in on PCB for usage as build in delay/echo module for existing synthesizers.
  • 16pin / 30cm long power cable included
  • 4x M3 mounting screws included

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