Mean Well Eurorack Power Supply


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Power Supply Details:

  • Manufacturer: MEAN WELL
  • Type of power supply: unit switched-mode
  • Kind of power supply: modular – Power: 64.6W
  • Output voltage 1: 5V DC / 5A
  • Output voltage 2: 12V DC / 2.8A
  • Output voltage 3: -12V DC / 0.5A
  • Electrical connection terminal block
  • Body dimensions: 129 x 98 x 38mm
  • Weight 440g
  • Operating temperature: -25…70°C
  • Supply voltage 88…264V AC, 125…373V DC
  • Protection overload, voltage growth, short-circuit
  • Mounting for building in
  • Power supply/converter features multi output power supply – for operating properly, each channel must be loaded

ATTENTION! Assembly and connection of any parts leading mains voltage (e.g. mains inlet, power supply board, cables) is allowed only by qualified personnel who is familiar with the applicable safety regulations! For a layman it is strictly forbidden to carry out such assemblies or connections! All parts that lead mains voltage (wires, pcb tracks, electronic parts) have to be fully isolated against damage to the device before the unit is powered, so that accidental contact with these parts is not possible! Otherwise there is DANGER TO LIFE!


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