Ripple Noise Rejection Bus Board – perfect solution for every eurorack case. Our bus board has been designed especially to cooperate with modern switching power supplies – decoupling capacitor banks are designed to minimize voltage fluctuations caused by the AC signal that may ride over DC signal causing noise. Network of bypass capacitors at every power rail is used to attenuate the noise of wide range of frequencies and help to reduce the unwanted “module to module” disturbances caused by modules sharing the same power source.      

Details & Features:

  • Dimentions:   410mm x 30mm (16,4″ x 1,18″)
  • 2x bypass capacitors  bank to attenuate ripple & noise of mid, high and low frequencies
  • 20x safety shrouded 16 pin eurorack power connectors
  • 2x power supply cables screw terminal (+12V, -12V, +5V, GND) for easy “daisy-chain” connection of more bus boards together  
  • power supply cables screw terminals located in the middle of the bus board to reduce circuit inductance and distribute voltage evenly through the whole board  
  • 3x LED indicators on every power rail
  • 2×2 grounded mounting holes at both ends of bus board for easy case/rails grounding
  • Bus board can be cut to desired length  – cut anywhere between 16 pin connectors
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