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10U desktop case by Lény Labeaume

I found these photos of the case build by Lény Labeaume on Facebook. This case should inspire all who thinks about building own eurorack case to take the challenge, results can be astonishing…and look at this smart solution to cover the PSU 🙂 Great Work Lény!

Listen to electromagnetic field

We have something special for noise lovers. This inductive coil microphone allow to capture the sound of everyday electronic objects around us, sound waves with frequencies outside of audible limit of human hearing. They literally screaming!

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Desktop case by Alan

Another interesting eurorack case.  Alan made his 168HP 12U desktop case full of power…from those four meanwell PSU units he can take around 12A. All PSU units are installed on the backside of the case – smart solution to keep the main voltage away from modules, keep the busboards nice and tidy and give those PSU units good airflow cooling… Great job Alan!

Materials used in this project:

Case made by Olly

Just look at this case made by Olly from UK…
Someone has decided to stop being camaro and transformed himself into eurorack case?

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