4U Eurorack Side Panels, Side Cheek, Standard Size, Black (Pair)

18.18 12.81 (excl. VAT)

The 1U section of those 4U side panels is made for  modules with front panel sized according to PulpLogic standard size 1U tiles. Eurorack side panels provide a guidence for your rails to form a correctly sized 4u (3+1U) frame.  Therefore fixing the rails and modules inside your case will be very easy.

Eurorack side panels provide a guide for your rails and will form a correctly sized sections of 3U and 1U frame, making it easier to fix and correctly position your rails and modules inside DIY eurorack synth case. 1U section of this frame is prepared to work with standard (Pulp Logic) size 1U modules. By combining few frames you can create case any case size you need. Panels are designed to work with doepfer style mounting rails with lip.
Perfect hardware for your DIY eurorack modular synthesizer.


  • 1U section in those panels is made for standard size 1U modules. Size for Intellijel 1U modules is available here: 4U Intellijel Side Panels
  • Listing price is per pair of panels


  • Material: high quality black anodized aluminium – 3mm thick
  • 30.5mm wide
  • Every panel has smaller inner holes for attaching it to your case with 3mm screws (screws not included)
  • Every panel has larger holes to attach the rails to the side panel with M5 bolts (bolts not included)
  • All holes are countersunk, allowing you to attach the frame to the case and the rails without affecting the modules space


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