Modular Synth Case “FLY_208” 6U 208HP



Double row, 208hp powered eurorack travel case with detachable lid. Builded out of specially selected baltic birch plywood for feather light weight. Empty case – with installed eurorack rails and power supply, weight only 4,5 – 4,8kg. Perfect solution for traveling with plane.

FLY_208 Power

  • Universal AC input / Full Range Input Voltage 100-250V AC
  • External Power Switch
  • Fused Power Protection
  • Protections: Short Circuit / Overload / Over Voltage (Hiccup mode: Recovers automatically after fault condition is removed)
  • 2x Power Bus Boards With Ripple and Noise Filters Protect All 3 Power Rails (+12v, +5v, -12v)
  • 40 Keyed 16 Pin Eurorack Power Headers
  • Low Output Ripple & Noise

Available in 3 power versions:

  • no power
  • Mean Well Power Supply +12V/3000mA, -12V/500mA, +5V/5000mA
  • Doepfer A-100PSU3 Power Supply +12V/2000mA, -12V/1200mA, +5V/2000mA (max. 4000mA when the 2A fuse is replaced by 4A)

FLY_208 Construction

  • Wooden Enclosure and Aluminum Eurorack Rails
  • Removable Lid
  • Lid Fits Over Fully Patched System (No need to remove patch cables)
  • Bottom Surfaces Protect with Rubber Feet
  • Two 104hp Rows
  • 208hp Total Space Available
  • 25 Smooth Sliding Square Nuts Per Rail Ensures Modules Always Fit Perfectly (Holds up to 50 modules)
  • Includes 100 Black (Size M3) Module Mounting Screws
  • Includes EU power cable CEE 7/7 (E/F) connector, IEC C13

FLY_208 Finish:

  • Beautifully Hand-Stained Hardwood

Available in 2 color versions:

  • Deep Brown / Venge
  • Redwood

FLY_208 Dimensions:

  • External Height with lid: 170mm / 6 11/16”
  • External Width: 300mm / 11 13/16”
  • External Length: 570mm / 22 7/16”
  • Internal Depth Above Power Supply: 50mm / 1 31/32”
  • Internal Depth Above Bus Board: 70mm / 2 3/4”
  • Empty Weight:    4,8 kg / 10lb 9,3oz
Power Supply

No Power, Mean Well Power Supply, Doepfer A-100PSU3 Power Supply


Redwood, Dark Brown

Power Cable Type

EU Cable, UK Cable, US Cable, AUS Cable

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