Eurorack Rail Set Complete 6U 84HP/104HP/168HP



Aluminium eurorack complete rail set for building your own eurorack case in 6U size. Simple assembly.

Set includes following elements:
– 4 x eurorack rail with lip, with chosen length
– 2 x aluminum side plates to connect rails together
– 8 x screw M5 to fasten the rails to the side plates
– 8 x woodscrew 3mm to fasten the rail set to your case
– 4 x threaded inserts or set of sliding nuts (qty varies per length-details below)

Rail sets are available in 3 lengths:
– 84 HP – 433mm
– 104 HP – 535mm
– 168 HP – 860mm

3 module fixings options to choose:
– No fixings
– With M3 square sliding nuts
– With M3 threaded inserts

INFO! Wonder how many slide nuts you will get with rail set? It is commonly recommend to use one slide nut per every 4HP:
– rail set of 84HP – 84 slide nuts
– rail set of 104HP – 104 slide nuts
– rail set of 168HP rails – 168 slide nuts



84HP, 104HP, 168HP

Module Fixings

No Fixings, M3 Sliding Nuts, M3 Threaded Inserts