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How are the eurorak frames different from rails?

How are the eurorack frames different from eurorack rails?

Eurorack frames are full sets containing rails, side brackets, sliding nuts, or threaded inserts, and a set of screws to put it all together

Why should I use eurorack side brackets?

Why should I use MSL eurorack side brackets?

Eurorack side brackets (also known as side panels) allow you to create perfectly sized eurorack 1U or 3U sections.

This is far better than drilling holes in the sides of your case. Not only it is a more accurate solution but also more aesthetically pleasing.

We manufacture our side brackets using 3D print technology. This allowed us to build into our side brackets specially designed positioning elements. This way we have solved the problems with crooked frames during installation, and rotating rails inside cases
Using our eurorack side brackets is a guarantee of perfect horizontal and vertical rails alignment every time!

What eurorack frames sizes can I find in your store?

What eurorack frames sizes can I find in your store?

We manufacture our frames in all sort of formats:

By mixing and combining different frames together in one case you can build any case size you want.


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